Sunday, November 23, 2014

November's Horror Haute - Dia de los Muertos

New for this round of Horror Haute, I've made something a bit more colorful than usual, because of the general liveliness of the holiday.  It still has plenty of dark undertones though, what with my handwritten cookie recipe with additional instructions on how to create dastardly poisonous cookies.  Included is a vintage bottle of arsenic, as well as everything you see here, along with a wearable poisonous cookie complete with bloody mouth... (does that happen when you eat arsenic?  I have no idea but it seemed like a good addition to me, and I'm not really interested in finding out ;))

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Something Magical This Way Comes!

Here's a sneak peek at what I've been working on...  

Softly glowing draperies to add some magic to your space.  Designed by yours truly.  
These will come in a variety of colors, with autumn in mind.

I will also be releasing a few special limited editions of these drapes starting with:

Just in time for All Hallow's Eve!  Available on the Marketplace and at my in-world shop beginning October 1st!

Also I'm getting very much in the Halloween Spirit, so stop by the shop and have a look around.  Pardon the mess because I'm rearranging some things but by all means say hello if you see me working!  

Thursday, September 4, 2014


Crushed Violets is back open in-world and I'm hard at work creating new things because well... 'tis the season to be creepy!  I will be back to blogging as well and hopping around bothering all you fine individuals about your shops and new things you've got in the works for the Eldergoth Macabre and the Gothic community.  

I've got the shop all decorated up for Halloween early this year, and maybe I'm rushing things a bit, but who cares!?  

Sunday, February 9, 2014

The Witching Hour is Coming!

Has anyone else found themselves more than slightly addicted to GACHA events?  I have and I have to say that I'm incredibly excited about this news. 
 is the brainchild of 
Ghanima Uriza of +++Blue Blood+++
and it promises to be amazing!

"The witching hour refers to the period from midnight to 3am and it's the time in which supernatural creatures such as witches, demons, ghosts and Black Magic are thought to be at their highest power. 

Come with us to enjoy the darkest wonders of Second Life's netherworld in this magical monthly Gacha event, held on the 13th of every month, starting at midnight.

* Only Dark/Paranormal Items.
* 50L Gacha Event."

Be on the lookout for more announcements in the in-world group as well as here!

Monday, January 27, 2014



The Red Rose Manor in blood red brick will be exclusive to the Tainted Love Hunt and will never be offered again after the hunt is over.  Make sure to find yours beneath the black brocade (hint) before the month of February 2014 is over and this house is gone FOREVER.  


~*SOUZOU EIEN*~ Imagine Eternity by Draconias Timeless


Over the weekend I got to have an evening with the incredibly amazing and talented Mr. Draconias Timeless of ~*Souzou Eien*~.  I truly felt as if I were being entertained by royalty, from the moment I stepped into Draco's presence.  He is quite the gentleman, funny and warm, and as he welcomed me onto the terrace-like rooftop of one of the towers of Souzou Eien, I felt as if I were stepping into a storybook.  The Main Shop at Jinn is so serene with the quiet stars twinkling above in the night sky.  We visited by candlelight and I could almost smell the sweetness in the air.  Whether it was the bowls of delicious fruit nearby, the finest vintages of wine there for the asking, or the potpourri on the table, the atmosphere could not have have been more magical.

There's nothing like being greeted by a demon.

Especially a demon with such impeccable taste.

Draconias Timeless is one sexy devil.

Not only was he gracious enough to allow me a lengthy interview, he let me hand pick my favorite items from his shop in order to show them to you here.


Ryuu Amaterasu:  I have to say, you have made it quite enchanting here.

Draconias Timeless: Well, I'm very glad you enjoy it!

Ryuu Amaterasu:  So if you are ready, might we begin the interview?

Draconias Timeless:  Quite ready yes. Do begin, I am positively dripping with anticipation.

Ryuu Amaterasu: Draco you are so brilliant with your words!  I'm sure you have been told that on numerous occasions though.  I guess my first question and one that has to be answered as a foundation would be this: When and how did you ever find yourself in this virtual world known as Second Life?

Draconias Timeless: You are very kind, and rather talented with your own vocabulary as well, I believe... As for your question ~ about Seven years ago I had a friend in Real Life that played a video game.. This video game allowed him to indulge in things that were either too expensive or simply too ridiculous to enjoy in Real Life. When he discovered my fascination with games like World of Warcraft and other MMORPGs (I've been playing MMOs since the original Everquest was popular) as well as my love of Roleplaying, he mentioned the wonders of Second Life to me... At first, I was reluctant, hesitant, and completely stubborn on the subject. What little I'd seen of it hadn't precisely piqued my interests. It seemed... coarse, confusing, with no real goal in mind. I'd never seen a "game" like Second Life before and was utterly unenthusiastic towards the idea of joining... And then... I stumbled across a video. It wasn't anything special, really.. Just a marketing video aimed at showing people the possibilities in Second Life... It was of an Avatar "building" a guitar. Something so.. complex, something I had never thought to build in Real Life. I watched the line of particles extending from the AV's hand, the prims moving into place... I watched him sit down and attach the guitar... and begin to play. I was hooked! The possibilities finally swung into place.. A world where I could create whatever I wished, whatever I desired.. A world so full of choices, options, and wonder I had never believed possible. I joined up a few minutes later with my first Avatar and haven't looked back since.

Ryuu Amaterasu: Seven years is a very long time to be involved in Second Life!  I, myself, have been here going on six years now, and I know exactly what you mean.  When you first began, did you immediately start trying to create?

Draconias Timeless: Ahaha, um.. I did, actually, but I was terrible at it. I remember arguing with the friend who introduced Second Life to me in the first place about scripts (something I can still barely wrap my head around). Of course sculpties were still barely mainstream then, we were just out of basic prims and 'flexi is new and awesome', so everything was rather.. Challenging. It's been streamlined quite a bit over the years, I believe. I was furious that I couldn't build anything more than a child's set of building blocks (basic prims stacked haphazardly atop one another) and I probably would've given up then and there.. Had I not discovered the Roleplay Sims here. Thankfully, my friend saw my distress and was able to introduce me to a few locations that struck me as intriguing. I spent the next several months exploring and.. attempting to acclimate myself to this new 'world'... Eventually, I did sit back down in my tiny, horrible little single room shoebox of a skybox and try to build again once I had a better concept of the build menu and simply how to move and manipulate prims from adjusting my own attire and whatnot. The first thing I ever built was a flag, with flexi and everything.. and the second was possibly the ugliest attempt at a 'throne' anyone would ever see... But my friends, the amazing people I'd met here encouraged me. I passed everyone a copy of that monstrosity and Every. Single. One. of my friends rezzed it.. At their homes, the RP sim where we played... They encouraged me to reach greater heights and, to this day, I fully believe that had I not been blessed with such amazing people in my life, I probably wouldn't have made it past that attempt as a content creator.

Ryuu Amaterasu: That's awesome!  Roleplaying sims do seem to be a wonderful way to pass the time while learning the ins and outs of adjusting prims and whatnot.  Do you still have the throne?  We'd love to see it!

Draconias Timeless: Ah! I do have it!

As Draco lovingly refers to his first build:  "The Bright Red Nightmare..."  
You've definitely come a long way baby. ;)

Draconias Timeless: I was ridiculously proud of that monster.

Ryuu Amaterasu: Still I'm impressed.  Even flickering flames in the globes!  Did you feel intimidated by the building tools in Second Life?  I know that it was a good year before I ever even realized that I 'could' rezz a prim of my own!  Do you think that the difficulty levels involved in the building interface tends to make the general population of SL not become builders at all?

Draconias Timeless: Even back then I was always curious about how to add more and make things better... Something that's followed me to this day.

Draconias Timeless buries the monster back from whence it came.

Ryuu Amaterasu snickers.

Ryuu Amaterasu: Do you feel like the building interface is difficult, especially for rookies like myself who have never actually had any 3D gaming design classes, etc...

Draconias Timeless: Well, you must remember that I myself had no prior schooling in 3D design. I taught myself photoshop and am currently working on teaching myself Blender, as you may notice several new mesh releases in the store currently and more to come.. So I believe that, while it can be very difficult at a glance (I, myself, spent YEARS avoiding Blender because it utterly terrified me), a lot of it's about the simple, stubborn, willingness to learn. Everyone is capable of teaching themselves or finding someone to teach them. Sometimes it's as simple as sitting down and playing with the program, whether it's Second Life's building menu, photoshop, blender, maya, wings 3D, or whatever you wish to learn. I'm a firm believer that anyone is capable of understanding if they simply sit down and allow themselves to "play". Consider childhood, for example.. While many of us were lucky enough to be taught some of the complexities in life, we still learned by trial and error. To draw, to paint, to sculpt, to build... So much can be taught in a classroom but you must still sit down with the necessary implements and experiment for yourself before you are truly able to grasp the complexities of it. Some will find this simpler, others will find it challenging near unto impossibility... but in the end, with enough stubborn desire, they will all learn. That isn't to say they shouldn't ask for help along the way.. I, myself, wouldn't be where I am today without having asked for help on occasion or spent hours upon hours watching tutorials on youtube. The world is full of information, it's just a matter of reaching out to grasp it for yourself.

Draconias Timeless: I would like to add that I am by no means an expert in -anything-. Either here or in the other programs I use to create for Second Life. I am constantly learning, myself and I believe that process is never entirely complete and never will be, even in the end of things, should that time ever come.

Ryuu Amaterasu: Very well spoken.  I agree with you.  The desire for knowledge is an infinite thing, and having the will to learn and to know is powerful.  Desiring to know something is simple, but to actually sit down and put forth the effort... that part is what is so rewarding.

Ryuu Amaterasu: By looking around us here, looking in your store and the concepts you embrace, you identify with the Gothic Community in SL.  Does that hold true in your RL as well?  What are some other styles you enjoy, other interests or hobbies?

Draconias Timeless: I tend to avoid going into depth regarding my Real Life simply because I adore the immersion of Second Life so very much.. However, I will admit that I have always been a very... crafty person in Real Life. I have loved to draw and paint since my childhood and I was always encouraged to work with my hands. Even at an early age my parents were thrilled with the strange little things I could concoct from little more than what was found in the back yard. Though I would like to state that I was never truly entranced by them. I also enjoy writing quite a lot. Poetry, short fictions.. I do hope eventually to be published but the time and focus required to sit and write without the benefit of anyone to bounce things off of is rarely present. I prefer Roleplay here to writing alone in Real Life, actually... My other hobbies and interests linger in film, literature, and music. I am rarely found without either a book in hand or something playing on the computer or the television, whether it's music or just a really good show I've discovered. My gothic style does translate into Real Life, though minimally these days. I would love to say that I ghost around town in a hearse wearing refined suits based in the 18th century, donning a top hat and swinging a cane... but sadly that is not the case. However the style of decor I prefer is nearer that than anything else, I suppose. Were I independently wealthy I believe the opposite would be true and I would happily surround myself in luxuriant darkness... There is still time, who knows what tomorrow may bring.

Ryuu Amaterasu: I love how you answered that question!  Ok let's see...Where did the name *Souzou Eien* come from?

Draconias Timeless: Ah! Oh dear, I thought you might ask me that... Well... I have had two shops in Second Life, ~*Souzou Eien*~ is my second. My first had a similar name in it's peculiarity and I had hoped to carry the trend, I suppose... As I enjoy gothic culture, I am sure you may notice an intrigue in other cultures as well.. Japanese being a primary. Souzou Eien is phonetic Japanese for "Imagine Eternity". The name itself has meant quite a few different things over the years as my little shop has been reinvented time after time before I found my stride. Originally I made primarily clockwork doll keys and it referenced the eternal beauty of such achievements, beautiful dolls run by whirring cogs and gears, a dance of mechanics that could last lifetimes upon lifetimes if maintained... These days I feel it references a number of things, something different to each person who discovers the translated name. Some may believe it to reference the concept of Second Life being an imaginary world where anything is possible. Others have mentioned a thought that it speaks of an Eternity in which anything we imagine is possible... Still others have spoken of the gothic subculture itself, of the eternal creatures that reside within that space, Vampires, Demons, and the like. All I can say is that it was conceived with a very different idea in mind and one that has evolved over the last several years in a way that I had never considered.. a way that I am truly proud to maintain.

Draconias Timeless: I should say it's "Bastardized" phonetic Japanese for "Imagine Eternity" as I am hardly a fluent speaker of the language and beg forgiveness for butchering such a beautiful language... *laughs*

Ryuu Amaterasu: Well it is a very beautiful name.  And it is a name that seems to make quite an impression, at least with me.  In fact, some time ago I remember going and searching out its meaning.  Just like art, it's up for interpretation.  You have definitely done an amazing job with all of your hard work and creativity. 

Ryuu Amaterasu: So you've told me that you're working with Blender now, and that you are creating original mesh, is that correct?  What will your next release be like?  Or what is it that you anticipate?

Draconias Timeless: I am! I have a couple original mesh objects in the shop now, actually, and one that -should- be in there but I've been trying to catch up on so much lately that it's sort of been left by the wayside for the moment. The perils of taking on quite a bit in a short time, I suppose. My next release... I actually have a number of things coming out for February. I will be taking part in Genre for February, the theme is "The Fae" and I have three items that will be quite a bit of fun for that, I believe, all original mesh... I am also taking part in two hunts, the Tainted Love Hunt, which will be running all month, with a new gacha set and a hunt item that is partially original mesh and one that I believe you will really enjoy, considering your interest in damaged flesh and wounds. The other hunt is the "World Tour" Hunt, I am participating on the "Asia" leg of that hunt and I have a beautiful original mesh piece ready to go... Finally I was invited to participate in the Final Fantasy Fair which will be celebrating  the opening of a new Final Fantasy Roleplay sim here in Second Life, and I have a few fun items for that... All of these are original mesh or primarily original mesh with a few classic additions. I believe that 2014 will be one hell of a year for ~*Souzou Eien*~ as I'm very much hoping to begin to phase out the majority of the 'kit' mesh I've been working with thusfar since I am no longer bound to it as I was before figuring out Blender, so all in all I am.. anticipating quite a bit of work but some really incredible things to come.

Ryuu Amaterasu: Wow Draco, you have indeed been busy and it seems that all your hard work will be paying off!  I will make sure to post links in the blog to the festivities in which you will be participating, because I know, like myself, everyone is going to want to see what you have been up to.

Ryuu Amaterasu: Who or what would you say has been your biggest inspiration (referring to your creativity in Second Life)?

Draconias Timeless: My biggest inspiration? Well... I have a number of inspirations, I suppose. From simply trawling around online and looking at photos on pinterest, to the films I enjoy.. Even pieces in books that I've read. I see these beautiful, wonderful things and think "I could do something like that" or "I wonder what would happen if..."... But I believe my -biggest- inspiration, and I'm not saying this to sound sappy, is my friends.. They're the ones that I turn to when I'm stuck and I can't think of a thing to do, the ones that pester me with their ideas and really force me to -think-. I love, and have -always- loved to make things that make my friends happy. You see, in this place, especially for someone like myself that's a bit... reclusive or not entirely sure how to advertise and really "get out there" and be noticed; You don't see a lot of your work after it's sold. I -love- seeing my work blogged or noticing someone I'd never even met before uploading a new photo of something I'd made, something that made them smile, something they loved enough to photograph, into the ~*Souzou Eien*~ Flickr group. I adore getting little "you've been blogged!" notes from friends and strangers alike... I love the thought of making someone smile, intriguing them, making them think, seeing these amazing things they've created with their AV or their home that something of mine was included in to round it all out.... My friends are my greatest inspiration because so much of what I've made in my shop has been based on someone I know saying "Draco? I know you're getting into mesh and I'd love it of you made a whip because I can't find one that suits what I want" or even something as simple as one of my friends rambling off the most ridiculous ideas for what I should create when my own ideas have temporarily dried up. They support me, they encourage me, they put up with my griping and moaning when I'm stuck or I've worked all night on a project and it's been eaten by the asset server or Blender's crashed.. From the very beginning, I wouldn't be where I am today without my incredible, wonderful little group of very, very patient friends.


~*S.E.*~'s Elegant Throat Choker [Velveteen] in a bloody red

Ryuu is wearing ~*S.E.*~'s Elegant Throat Choker [Velveteen] in green coupled with the Dark Masque in the matching shade.  HUD included with eight color change options 

~*S.E.*~ Dark Masque in Blood Red.  These masks come with a HUD attachment in 8 gorgeous colors, and easy to modify so it fits just right. 

Spiraling Out of Control with ~*S.E.*~'s Spiral Eyes

These eyes are fantastic!  The photograph in no way does them justice because they actually spiral!  Very hypnotic and eerie.   They come in ten different shades, so the fatpack is definitely the way to go.  

~*S.E.~ Angelus Lapsis Circlet
is worn in Steel with Teal accent.  The cross is available in both inverted... and right side UP!


Coming up in the month of February is the annual Tainted Love Hunt hosted by the Woeful Wednesday Collective.  It will run from February 1 through February 28th and will include around 65 different vendors including ~*Souzou Eien*~

But seriously, this thing is awesome!  It's literally a gaping hole in your chest where your heart should be.  I've never seen anything quite like it in SL. It's made with original mesh and done very nicely so. 

(Ryuu is also wearing ~*S.E.*~ Glimmer Eyes in Red)

Be sure to join the Woeful Wednesday Group Collective in order to receive updates about the hunt.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Grey November Gallery

During my wanderings in SL, I came across a very lovely place I wanted to share with you.  The name of the parcel is Grey November Gallery.  It contains the gallery of an artist/photographer from Second Life by the name of Rodriguez Munro and his pictures are absolutely to die for.

In his own words, "I'm addicted to fog, darkness, crows, nature, trees and autumn/winter."

The dark and somber nature of his pictures is breathtaking and definitely worth a visit, especially if like me, you love rain, dreary weather, dead or dying trees, black birds and the like.  You can purchase them for your SL home for a mere $200L or if you prefer to just sit in the gallery and admire the art, either way you choose.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Crushed Violets January Group Gift

Ryuu has been baking cookies!

Stop by the Crushed Violets Mainshop to get your delicious corset-shaped cookie.
Don't forget to join the group!

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

~ImmateriA's Vampirious New Vestments~

 Styled in honor of 'The Brat Prince' himself,


Aristocratic in their styling, these fine suits will make you feel like royalty from the moment you put it on.  
Gorgeous colors of {Versailles}, a rich yet subdued teal green, and {Byzantium} a very princely purple are available in standard sizing.  Bunches of lace at the sleeves and the throat give these one of a kind suits a very French flair.  ImmateriA continues to outdo themselves with these Gothic trappings.

A Place of Interest!

The notecard reads:  

Welcome to DarkDharma HaUnTeD MaNoR and HaUnTeD FoReSt..........We have been expecting you for sooo long!  The new DarkDharma HaUnTeD MaNoR is much larger than the previous version with 16 rooms over three floors:  - First floor with entry hall, drawing room, parlor, seance room, library, and a large kitchen;  - Second floor with a dark and foreboding master suite, haunted nursery, ghostly teaparty room, abandoned back room and bathroom;  - Third floor with a laboratory, office, store room and maid's quarters.

Damage IS enabled so be careful, you could get killed.  (That or turn off damage to your avatar).  Apparently there are 10 ghouls with PRIZES... they will get pushy and come after you, but you can just click on them and they will surrender their prize.  (Isn't that nice of them?)

This is an incredible place to take photographs and explore.  There is a shop across the road from it and the whole place just feels very desolate and creepy.  It's on the mainland but so very well built, you won't realize it, plus it's on some protected frontage and it makes you feel like you're seriously out in the middle of nowhere.  I love finding rare gems like this in SL.

The nursery on the second floor scared me to death because if there's one thing I don't do well with, it's eerie kiddos.  Let Satan himself come and scrape his fingernail down my cheek and I wouldn't flinch but let a white eyed kid from Village of the Damned just look at me and I'm OUT.   I'm not going to post pics just yet, but I plan to add them later.  But here is one you'll enjoy of me leaving the manor...........

Monday, January 13, 2014

Lord Ruthven is a WHAT?!

Indeed Lord Ruthven is a vampire
The latest in ImmateriA's line of mesh menswear is the Lord Ruthven suit.  Gorgeous formal wear for the most dark and sinister of nighttime outings, you'll be sure to turn heads and pierce throats in this hot rendition from Naenia Demina.  Only at ImmateriA.  Only in Second Life.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

NEW at Crushed Violets


Lovely black beads cascade down from violet candles flickering with light.  This is a ceiling mountable chandelier that screams dark romance.  

This item will be featured in the Woeful Wednesdays Collective on January 15, 2013.  Grab it at the shop for only 50L~!

Crushed Violets Main Shop in Virtual Dream

~Vicious Chic for the Dastardly Gents Out There~

She's done it again!  

Designer Naenia Demina of ImmateriA has began designing a whole new line of men's clothing.  This is something Second Life has been lacking for quite some time, especially in Gothic couture... so we say 'Brava, brava!' Naenia.  Continue with your awesome work!  

Ryuu is wearing ImmateriA's Vicious Chic Men's Suit in {White Plaid}.  It's bold and sexy in Mesh with a single breasted jacket, with coordinating vest/shirt peeking from the top.  Modern fit slacks complete the look.  Perfect for casual or evening wear, don't be afraid to rock this out anytime day or night.

In {Red Plaid}

Standard styling in five sizes XS-XL

In {Black Plaid}

Don't forget to join ImmateriA's group as well for the latest designs.

Photographs taken at Noctis Main Shop in Steelhead Nevermoor.

New Items from ImmateriA

NEW! from ImmateriA

Lux Interior for the guys.  {Zombie Static} includes a spiked Zombie collar and wrist cuffs, ripped shirt, and a kilt (no, it's not a skirt, it's a kilt!).  Leggings and boots not included.  

Visit ImmateriA's awesome shop at:

Also available in the {B-movie Print} which I personally love.  <3

Officially a Blogger!

As of around one o'clock in the morning (SL +2) I have officially become the official blogger for the Darkside of Second Life!  I am official because I'm officially proclaiming this to be true and correct and anyone who does not believe me will have to answer to my cat.  (He is a wild one.  Do not, I repeat, do not, under any circumstances underestimate him!)  Just kidding.  I'm really only an ordinary blogger with extraordinary tastes.

This blog will be dedicated to Gothic culture in Second Life.