Sunday, February 9, 2014

The Witching Hour is Coming!

Has anyone else found themselves more than slightly addicted to GACHA events?  I have and I have to say that I'm incredibly excited about this news. 
 is the brainchild of 
Ghanima Uriza of +++Blue Blood+++
and it promises to be amazing!

"The witching hour refers to the period from midnight to 3am and it's the time in which supernatural creatures such as witches, demons, ghosts and Black Magic are thought to be at their highest power. 

Come with us to enjoy the darkest wonders of Second Life's netherworld in this magical monthly Gacha event, held on the 13th of every month, starting at midnight.

* Only Dark/Paranormal Items.
* 50L Gacha Event."

Be on the lookout for more announcements in the in-world group as well as here!